The Company

CADEL DEINKING is a technical company created to implement an innovative plastic recycling process that can remove printed ink from plastic surfaces in recycling and converting companies.

The technology developed by CADEL DEINKING lets us remove ink from plastic before it is recycled and obtain a product with a quality similar to that of new plastic. It can therefore be used in the same applications as a new material.

This technology is unique in the world, and its patent has been extended to more than 20 countries.

CADEL DEINKING owns a pilot plant in San Vicente de Raspeig (Alicante) that can process the material, following all the steps of industrial production.

In this plant, CADEL DEINKING has demonstrated the viability of the process for companies interested in acquiring the technology, mainly large film printers and recyclers.

The deinking tests carried out in the plant with the customers’ material are a key step before licensing the technology and developing the engineering in their own plants.

The companies that choose to install a deinking plant in their factories will see their competitiveness increasing, because they are going to offer their customers a high-quality recycled material.

CADEL DEINKING is working in the same direction as other industries who are trying to improve the quality of products with ever more sustainable processes and methods.

The Deinking Process

CADEL DEINKING has developed a unique process that removes printed ink from plastics before obtaining a recycled material.

This gives the product a high added value, because printed ink spoils the recycled product both visually and in its mechanical properties.

The result of the process is an ink-free plastic with a quality very similar to that of new plastic.


Cleaning chemicals with water-based formulations are used in the process. Neither solvents nor environmentally hazardous chemicals are included.

Moreover, CADEL DEINKING has important know-how, not only in the removal of the ink, but also in the development of a water treatment system which makes the process both economical and environmentally viable. Both the deinking solution and the rinsing water are continually reused in the system, with the consequent savings in reagents and waste handling.

The deinking process is applicable to all kinds of plastics and works with any kind of ink:



CADEL DEINKING is fundamentally a Research and Development company, in which most of the workers are highly qualified technicians. As a result, the company has a strong investigative foundation. This vocation drives us to transfer our R+D+i projects to the market.

In our R&D strategy we include other research projects related to recycling plastic products.

One of the most ambitious projects of CADEL DEINKING is Delaminating. Some plastic products are materials composed of various kinds of plastic joined by glues and adhesives that are difficult to separate.

The results obtained at a laboratory level indicate that it is possible to separate the plastic layers and remove the ink that was between them, and so allowing them to be recycled.


This is an important breakthrough in the recycling of waste plastic.

This advance will allow us to approach compliance with European legislation regarding recycling, which is increasingly demanding.

The Team

CADEL DEINKING has a multidisciplinary team. Our success depends on our workers, who consist of chemical engineers, electricians, and business graduates.

This team has knowledge of the development of new technologies and treatment of materials, and wide experience in the plastic sector.

As CADEL DEINKING, originated from Olax22, which is a spin-off from the University of Alicante, and Gaviplas, a converting company with more than 30 years of experience in the plastic packaging market, CADEL DEINKING can count on their technical assistance and their management department. The role of Jerónimo Angulo Aramburu, Cadel’s technical and business advisor has been fundamental. He was the General Manager in the Ministry of Industry and Director and CEO of several companies in the chemical, energy and environment protection fields.

This makes CADEL DEINKING a dynamic company, motivated to achieve success by ensuring the profits of our customers.


CADEL DEINKING has a demonstration plant with a treatment capacity of 100 kg/h.

The plant of CADEL DEINKING has the equipment needed in an industrial facility, so we can demonstrate the process and conduct tests with the customers’ material and check the process in each case.

The objective of CADEL DEINKING is to license the technology to third parties, for them to build and develop plastic recycling plants with deinking.


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